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Welcome to all Homeowners of Georgetown & Round Rock. Georgetown Neighborhood Pool Service is your source for weekly swimming pool service. Our desire is to provide all Georgetown residents with blue, clean, clear and healthy pool water all year. Our business is family owned and operated serving Georgetown Texas with dozens of years of pool industry experience. We desire your full satisfaction of our maintenance services and back it up with a pool service guarantee.

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For Georgetown Pool Owners we Designed a Full & Partial Pool Service Plan

* Our Starting Price   ( Monthly plan cost is based on a four week billing interval )

For customers who have a spa attached to your inground pool, all pool service prices calculated will include your spa and this can adjust the monthly pricing.

Jandy Pool Products Pentair Pool Products Polaris Pool Products Hayward Pool Products
Our Georgetown local technicians use pool products, equipment, supplies and parts from top brands like Pentair, Jandy, Polaris and Hayward.

Managing Georgetown Pools in 23 Service Points

Your pool on our weekly Georgetown service route will get these tasks performed by a qualified service tech every week.

Your Water Balance & Swimming Pool Chemicals
  1. Total Dissolved Solids - evaluate Checking and measuring the amount of impurities.
  2. Total Chlorine (includes chloramines) - maintain
  3. Saturation Index - evaluate
  4. TA (Total Alkalinity) - maintain Balance TA and stabilize the pH with sodium bi-carbonate.
  5. Cyanuric Acid - evaluate Adjusting to the total amount.
  6. Chloramines - maintain
  7. pH Factor - maintain Balancing acidic vs basic water.
  8. Calcium Hardness (Water Hardness) - evaluate
  9. Temperature & pH Factor - evaluate We calculate the perfect pH based on TA, calcium, and water temperature.
  10. Salt Content - checked (saltwater pools)
  11. Chlorine - maintain Disinfect the pool water.

Pool Equipment Operations
  1. Pump strainer baskets (cleared and checked)
  2. Sweep finger screen / wall screen (cleared and checked)
  3. Skimmer baskets (cleared and checked)
  4. Sweep finger screen / wall screen: inspected
  5. Valves adjusted Monitor and maintain valves for suction and circulation.
  6. Sweep finger screen / wall screen debris bags (cleared and checked)
  7. Backwashing your filter - sand filters weekly, DE filters monthly

Regular Pool Service
  1. Brush spa
  2. Brush walls and steps
  3. Venturi / Leaf Vacuum *
  4. Net pool surface and pool bottom *
  5. Hose Vacuum *

* Full Pool Service Plan Only

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All Pool Services Backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee

The peace of mind of every Georgetown homeowner is important to us. See Details »

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Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

For any weekly pool service customer Georgetown Neighborhood Pool Service is always available for any type of pool equipment repairs needed. More information about our repair services.

Georgetown Neighborhood Pool Service is a full service company, so we can handle anything else your pool needs, such as acid washes, leak detection, equipment repairs and filter cleanings.

Homes our Weekly Routes Service

Our pool service routes have expanded over the years to include most residents in 78626, 78628 and 78633 as well as surrounding neighborhoods. Our experienced techs can provide service to almost any Georgetown-area pool. Contact us to check your address.

Pool Partners

We always advocate that local Georgetown mentions are the lifeblood of new customer growth. So we also like to refer people to up and coming companies in our field that we know do great work, like The Pool Guys Weekly Service in St. Pete Beach, FL.

The Wonderful City of Georgetown

In Georgetown, [Williamson County, Texas], we at [companyName] are proud to call this lively city our home. We love serving residents here because every day brings new opportunities to explore this vibrant town. As plumbers, we like to think we're the lifeblood of the city, keeping things flowing smoothly, much like the San Gabriel River that runs through our town. Our city is known as the "Red Poppy Capital of Texas" and every April, we celebrate the Red Poppy Festival. It's a fantastic time to meet our neighbors, enjoy local food, and of course, admire the vibrant fields of red poppies. We love being part of a community that blooms together, just like our plumbing services, they thrive under pressure. In Georgetown, we're all about preserving history while embracing the future. Our city is home to the Georgetown Palace Theatre, a historic theater that has been delighting audiences with live performances since 1926. Now, that?s some serious staying power, just like our copper pipes! Our city is also a hub for education. The esteemed Southwestern University is right here, providing an excellent education for young minds. We're proud to serve a city that values learning and growth, both for our children and our plumbing systems. Georgetown is not just about work and study though. We also know how to have fun outdoors. The San Gabriel Park is a local favorite for picnics, strolls, and even fishing. If you're more of a hiker, the Good Water Loop offers 26 miles of scenic trails. And don't worry, if you come home to find your pipes have gone on strike after a long day of trekking, [companyName] is on call for emergency plumbing situations. When we're not busy fixing leaks or unclogging drains, we love to visit our nearby neighbors. There's always something happening in [Round Rock, TX] and [Cedar Park, TX]. These towns are just a short drive away and they're as friendly and welcoming as Georgetown. Owning a home here in Georgetown means being part of a thriving community that values tradition, education, and the great outdoors. It's a city that's always moving forward, but never forgets its roots. And here at [companyName], we're proud to keep the homes in this wonderful city running smoothly. Just remember, when the water pressure in your life gets too high, call on us to help you go with the flow.

We're Delighted to Serve Georgetown, TX

With our pool service plans, which are backed by our Pool Service Guarantee, your swimming pool will look refreshing always.

Send us a message or call us at (512) 686-1138 if you would like to schedule your swimming pool for pool service or get a quote.

Our company stands behind all of our work and await the chance to serve you!